Experiences of Parental Leave

Managing Your Parental Leave

For most new parents the approach of parental leave is an exciting time. However, the wonderful prospect of some time at home bonding with your new arrival can be slightly marred by concerns about organising an extended break from work. Four members of the Parents@TUOS network answer commonly asked questions and share their tips for a well-managed parental leave and life as a working parent.

Presentations from the Parent in Academia event (May 2012)

Presentations from the Children and Academia Event held in May 2012 can be found below. Staff at the University of Sheffield share with us their experiences of parental leave.

Dr Carolyn Staton

Carolyn Staton

Carolyn Staton is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Oncology and was previously Chair of the Parents@TUOS network. Her introduction to the Parents in Academia event (May 2012) gave an insight into the development of the network as well as Carolyn's personal experiences of maternity leave.

Dr Jo Shien Ng

Jo Shien Ng

Jo Shein Ng is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. She discussed her personal experiences of maternity leave with those who attended the Parents in Academia event in May.

Professor John Moreland

John MorelandIn 2012, John was the Head of Department in Archaeology. He discussed maternity leave from the perspective of a parent and as a Head of Department.