How do I support my member of Staff?

How do I support my member of staff through pregnancy and maternity leave?

Before maternity leave

  • Carry out a risk assessment to ensure it is safe for her to carry out her duties
  • Be sympathetic of medical appointments and plan together in advance so they do not conflict with important events
  • Be mindful of the fact that she may suffer from high levels of fatigue - discuss how the workload can be handled
  • If the employee is absent from work during the pregnancy due to ill health, she will be entitled to contractual sick pay
  • Discuss the dates and duration of the maternity leave
  • Decide on when and how many keeping in  touch days there will be
  • Discuss how the the employees workload will be covered during her maternity leave
  • You may need to speak to the funding body and/or Research Finance to discuss funding requirements
  • Plan with your employee what will happen on her return

During maternity leave

  • Make sure the KIT days are being utilised
  • Keep your employee up to date with any departmental news or work that may affect them on their return
  • Make sure the employee is happy with her re-induction programme
  • Reconfirm with her the date she will return to work

Returning from maternity leave

  • Welcome your employee back into the department, both formally and informally#
  • Give her time to re-familiarise with her duties and work
  • Be flexible and seek to understand childcare responsibilities
  • Be considerate and mindful of the fact that she may still be breast feeding - find out what you can do to support this.
  • Keep clear and open lines of communication