Professor Angie Hobbs

Professor Angie Hobbs

Angie is a globally celebrated scholar in the Department of Philosophy who is known for her high-profile work championing the application of philosophy to current concerns.

Her aim is to promote understanding of philosophical arguments and analysis, and explore ways they can be applied to current debates. For example, on democracy, nationalism, migration and the refugee crisis, the ethics of money and banking, inter-faith and faith-secular dialogue. She also works with various governments and charities to promote the study of philosophy in schools, at both primary and secondary level.

Her passion for promoting the study and discussion of philosophy has led Angie to be recognised around the world. She has raised the profile of both the discipline and the University through prestigious talks, including speeches at the World Economic Forum. Angie has also argued for the importance of application of philosophy to current concerns on over 300 TV and radio programmes.

In recognition of her pioneering work, Angie was one of only 100 women invited to the prestigious women leaders of the world dinner in Davos. Her lifelong commitment to increasing the accessibility of her discipline culminated in her appointment as the first ever Chair for the Public Understanding of Philosophy in the UK.

Despite her worldwide platform, Angie remains resolutely committed to Sheffield students and the local community. She frequently takes a lead on public engagement with philosophy through events such as the Festival of Ideas and Off the Shelf.

Angie’s colleagues said: “Angie Hobbs has made a tremendous impact since first arriving in Sheffield in 2012. She has acted as a pioneer for women in many of her roles, while retaining her academic profile as a leading scholar in ancient philosophy. All this makes Angie one of the most high-profile members of the University, and one of the leading voices for educational change in the UK.”