Ms Wendy Hobson

Mrs Wendy Hobson

As our highly-respected Associate Director and Head of Events, Wendy is the unseen force behind the University’s outstanding professional reputation.

A longstanding member of the University, Wendy has been responsible for the success of hundreds of graduation ceremonies, as well as conferring eminent figures to receive honorary degrees. Her dedication and professionalism behind the scenes have led countless celebrations across campus to run smoothly and successfully.

In 2010, Wendy and her team were responsible for organising the Queen’s Royal visit to the University. The great success of the event was in no small part down to Wendy’s hard work and meticulous planning. She is regarded by her team as a supportive mentor and outstanding leader.

Wendy’s colleagues said: “Wendy is an inspiration to anyone seeking to pursue a career in professional services. She is an unsung hero, having given everything of herself in order to deliver professional high profile events for this University. Wendy puts her heart and soul into everything, always with a smile and the results are outstanding.”