Professor Glynis Jones

Professor Glynis Jones

Glynis has been carrying out outstanding research and teaching in the Department of Archaeology for over 30 years.

With a world-leading reputation, Glynis has far-reaching influence which has led her to collaborate with academics throughout Europe and west Asia. Closer to home, Glynis was closely involved in establishing the Sheffield Centre of Archaeobotany and Land Use and the Sheffield Archaeobotanical Consultancy.

In 2014, Glynis played a central role in her department’s successful application for a gender charter mark, which led to a bronze Athena SWAN award. This prestigious accreditation reflects the ongoing commitment of Glynis and her colleagues to promote equality for women in higher education.

In her department, Glynis is as well known for her dedication to her students as for her acclaimed research. Her colleagues said: “We have many world-class academics, exemplary teachers and exceptional leaders at the University, but Glynis is unique because she excels in all the areas of work that she undertakes.

“Glynis moves from global research of international significance, to working with an individual student, to discussing a detail about curriculum changes, to raising funds for Porter Valley. She undertakes all of these things with equal passion, enthusiasm, energy, tenacity and attention to detail. It is this roundedness that makes Glynis outstanding, coupled with her humble approach.”