Professor Vida Nasserzadeh-Sharifi

Professor Vida Sharifi

Vida is a longstanding academic leader and role model for women in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Following her progression at the University of Sheffield from an undergraduate to a member of academic staff, Vida’s dedication to the study of Chemical Engineering led her to be appointed as the department’s first female professor. This milestone opened the door for countless students and staff to be inspired and follow in her footsteps.

Vida’s leadership as Head of the department’s Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group has enabled the development of groundbreaking research which has influenced the biomass/waste and power industries to improve their sustainability. She began working on this critical issue long before climate change became a major political talking point.

Her colleagues said: “Vida leads a strong and vibrant research group making major contributions to the generation of clean, efficient waste/biomass to energy plants. Her energy and enthusiasm has added character to departmental and university life through her teaching and administration roles.”