#BeBoldForChange: be an advocate for equality

deborah beckDeborah Beck

Nominated by Robert Cooke, Marketing Communications, Faculty of Science

"Deborah is the Scholarship Programme Manager for the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures. She is responsible for running recruitment, training and development activities for more than 60 interdisciplinary PhD students across the University. In doing this, she is a vocal advocate for the proper representation of women in higher education and academia.

"When the Grantham Centre's PhD students are organising events, Deborah is quick to remind them of the importance of ensuring women speakers are included.

"She makes sure that discussion panels are organised with clear gender parity, so that more perspectives can be shared and more voices can be heard. Deborah takes every opportunity to introduce students to inspirational women, from academics here at the University to high profile public figures such as Natalie Bennett.

"In addition, Deborah never shies away from drawing attention to society's more fundamental gender imbalances when they are reflected in the University's internal structures."