#BeBoldForChange: forge women's advancement

DorteDörte Stevenson, Head of Global Opportunities & Exchanges and Acting Head of International Partnerships.

"I can’t think of an isolated bold action as an example but rather, I like to think that I strive to encourage gender parity in a subtle way.

"I come from a family of quite independent females - my grandmother came to England from Germany after World War I to attend University in Liverpool - and I have always thought that women should be able to realise their ambitions. As such, I encourage female colleagues to be assertive and not to hold back, to ensure they get their point of view across and not to be afraid to voice their opinion.

"Sadly, I have experienced female managers not being collaborative and acting in a very discouraging way.

"For me the most important thing is to provide support and to feel supported. This promotes confidence and, in turn, leads to achievement of the individual and teams."