#BeBoldForChange: tackle gender bias

Jen SaulProfessor Jennifer Saul, Department of Philosophy

Nominated by Professor Caitlin Buck, Head of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions

"Jenny Saul is Professor of Philosophy and has been Director of the Society for Women in Philosophy UK since 2009. Her primary research interests are in philosophy of language, and in feminism. The latter has led to bold and unstinting efforts to highlight and reduce both conscious and unconscious gender bias in her discipline and in academia more widely.

"Jenny helped to organise the Gendered Conference Campaign, which has been calling attention to all-male philosophy conferences for many years.

"She founded a blog focussing on what is it like to be a woman in Philosophy where people can anonymously share their experiences related to being a woman in philosophy. This blog has provided a large amount of confidential advice regarding sexual harassment in philosophy.

"Jenny also co-wrote the first-ever report on women in philosophy in the UK, and co-created the first-ever Good Practice Scheme for Women in Philosophy. Both of these were for the British Philosophical Association and the Society for Women in Philosophy UK.

"Jenny is frequently invited to speak on issues related to women in academia around the world.

"Locally, she co-founded the University of Sheffield Women Professors’ Network and is an active mentor to women colleagues across campus."