#BeBoldForChange: be a force for positive change

lai-yinDr Ruby Chau, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Department of Sociological Studies

"The Lai Yin Association is a small Sheffield charity managed by Chinese women volunteers.

"Since 1986, thousands of women and families of different ethnic origins including Chinese, have benefited from the wide range of educational, cultural and personal support services provided by these volunteers.

"As a former volunteer and a longstanding honorary adviser, I am truly inspired by their determination and devotion to supporting those in need. Many of these women volunteers are facing multiple adversities in their own lives. Traditionally, they are the main family carers. Some are running family businesses such as Chinese takeaways, with little chance to gain financial independence. In the wider community, many face social exclusion because of language and cultural barriers.

"The Lai Yin Association has been a constant force for positive change in the lives of so many people facing personal difficulties and social discrimination.

"Despite their humble backgrounds, the volunteers have been the source of my inspirations and motivation to serve in the community for many years. They are the true heroins but with very little recognition from others.

"Lai Yin Ladies, be proud of your achievements!

"The Chinese characters in the sign on the shelf behind us mean 'Lai Yin Association'. It was painted and calligraphed by a member and sent as a gift to the Association."