Meet our dedicated 10k fundraisers

Colleagues from across the University are taking part in the Sheffield 10k on 24 September to raise money for the Sheffield Scanner Appeal. Our brave runners will take on a fantastic city centre route, starting in Arundel Gate, and taking runners on a journey along Charter Row and along Ecclesall Road, before skirting the edges of pretty Endcliffe Park.

It continues along Riverdale Road, along Endcliffe Vale Road, close to the Botanical Gardens, and then travels down Brocco Bank before a finale in the city centre.

Cheer the runners on

From 9.15 am to 11 am on the Sunday, there will be a S​heffield Scanner cheering point, gathering outside Stokes Tiles, near Pinders, on Moore Street (the road behind the Moor and Atkinsons department store).

We'll have our Sheffield Scanner banner and other signage; come down and support the runners as it would be great to have a sizeable group to make lots of noise! We've chosen this point as it's on the route twice, at 1 Km and 9 Km, which is also handy for friends and family to meet up with runners after the race.

Click on each profile below to find out why individuals are taking part and how to sponsor them.

Angela Davies

runners"I have done several 10ks, usually in Middlesbrough, my home town, as it is lovely and flat and provides a decent chance for a personal best. I have braved and survived the Graves Park charity 10k twice but those hills are killers! I run a few times a week and try to make it down to Endcliffe park run each Saturday morning (although sometimes the "have a lie-in, it's raining" evil twin wins!)

"For preparation I have been doing some longer runs in the parks - running through to Forge Dam from my house is a favourite route and a chance to see the heron. My husband has recently installed a mini gym in our house (was in the garage for four years, unpacked!) so I am trying to build up some core strength much to the amusement of my teenage sons. Overall I feel confident I will get round but want to put in maximum effort and get a good time to reward my sponsors.

"I started running regularly a few years ago when my niece was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Coming from a large family, one of our coping strategies was to start fundraising for the charity supporting her and to raise awareness of the disease and the photo here shows our first family sponsored run in 2011 (I am at the front with my niece). It was a worrying three years until her treatment ended (she is now clear) and running for me was a way of banishing the fears for a while.

"Also, as a competitive soul, I got a buzz from my improving times in the park runs and the fact that I could beat my sisters (but frustratingly not my brother or nephews!). I felt the Sheffield Scanner appeal was a fantastic initiative to bring ground breaking diagnostic technology to our region as I know first hand the importance of early diagnosis for patient outcomes. I am delighted to be involved."

Sponsor Angela

Esther Scott

esther scott"I did the Sheffield 10k last year so have actually done this exact race before! I really enjoyed running it and raised £300 for Brain Tumour Research & Support Across South Yorkshire, so thought I could hopefully do the same for the Sheffield Scanner as it's such a good cause.

"Last year the atmosphere of the day definitely made me perform better than in training, it's a great boost. Hopefully this year I will beat my 2016 time!

"I've been slowly building up distance and stamina over the last few weeks. I started with 3k runs around my area and am now doing 5k about three times a week. I'm planning to run between 7k and 8k a few times a week for the last two weeks of training before the run itself.

"Preparation is going well, I've also been doing Slimming World since January and the weight loss has helped me get back into running. I've found it hard to fit training into my free time as I've been so busy for the past few weeks finishing off my master's degree, but am back on it now my dissertation has been submitted!"

Sponsor Esther

Amy Jeffries

"I have never done a 10k before. The furthest I've ever run was 8k once along a very flat route in Cornwall! I started running in 2014 by doing the couch to 5k and so I was very much a 5k-er, but have never done any official races or even a park run. I stopped running when I was 16 weeks pregnant and only started again when my little boy was about 10 months (he's just turned a year old) . I'm feeling really apprehensive about the 10k, it's a massive personal challenge for me. I'm not a natural athlete and so I have to put a lot of effort into training. I have moments where I feel confident after a good run, and moments where I worry if I will get round!

Amy Jeffries and her son Oscar

"I'm still on maternity leave so I'm having to fit my runs in on odd evenings and stealing time at the weekend. Because time is so precious I have to run when I get the chance, even if it's following a night of hardly any sleep ( we still get a lot of those). I figure this is good practice though as my baby may well decide to be up all night partying in his crib the night before the race!

"I read lots of advice about different ways to train and it all confused me so I have just been concentrating on getting my distance up so far and am now at 9k. My next challenge is to try and incorporate more hills and inclines as there is a really nasty bit on the 10k route which I am very afraid of. Being from Norfolk I am not anatomically built to cope very well with hills!

"Once I'm back at work in a couple of weeks I'm hoping to use my lunch breaks to practice some of the actual bits of the route around Endcliffe park. I know I am not going to get any sort of amazing time - but for me anything is a PB and that feels like a good place to be in!

"On a personal level I wanted something concrete to aim for with my running. Running provides me with a place of headspace and clarity that it's hard to get any other way (especially these days!), but I've always stuck within my comfort zone, and would never have actually entered the 10k left to my own devices. So doing it as part of the Scanner Appeal and a University team seemed like the perfect kick up the bum to get me to challenge myself mentally and physically. I did swear a bit and panic when I found out I'd been picked for the team, but that just goes to prove exactly why I needed to do it!"

Sponsor Amy

Martin Brook

story 3"I've worked for the University for 15 years and I've been directly involved in supporting MRI research for most of this time, and I've seen the benefits of this technology first hand. So I'm excited about the possibilities offered by MRI-PET and that's why I wanted to support the appeal.

"I used to run years ago, and the biggest thing I achieved was doing the Great North Run half marathon in 1997, but I've recently got back into it again. So this will be my first proper 10k for a long time. I've covered the distance a few times in training so I'm not too worried about completing the race, but I've set myself a goal of finishing in 55-60 minutes which will definitely require some work.

"I didn't leave myself all that much time to train, so I'm trying to go out running at least four times a week. It's been difficult to fit in as I've been away on holiday with my family for quite a bit of August, although I've done my best to keep to the training plan while we were away. It's been quite fun going out for runs in new places.

"I took part in the Big Walk One Day Challenge last year but I missed out on taking part in the Big Walk this year because I was recovering from surgery, so when the opportunity to take part in the Sheffield 10K came along I jumped at the chance."

Sponsor Martin