Chris OliverChris Oliver

Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) landscape team

"The EFM landscape teams are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the soft and hard landscape of our University estate. This covers Harpur Hill at Buxton all the way to Factory 2050 at Catcliffe.

"My team and I are responsible for the city centre campus zone; this zone is crucial to the University image. To have a well-maintained, safe and welcoming campus ensures visitors, students, staff and the general public experience a positive first impression.

"I enjoy the opportunity to make a difference; to improve the campus, and get recognition for the hard work. The landscape team is not 'just gardening'; you might be surprised to know that we're sometimes up at 3.30am gritting or clearing the snow!

"The two really exciting times of the year are graduation. Preparing the grounds for these is very rewarding, knowing all the students and parents will see the grounds at their best."