Anne GregoryAnne Gregory

Technical Team Lead in the Department of Neuroscience

"My role is extremely varied with responsibilities for health and safety. I am the Biological Safety Officer for the Department of Neuroscience, Radiation Protection Supervisor for the Medical School and Deputy Departmental Safety Officer.

"I lead a team of nine technicians delivering a technical service to the department with many different areas of technical expertise. On any day I may be teaching students on our MSc courses how to perform tissue culture with human cells, or in the mortuary helping harvest brains from people who have donated them to our department for medical research.

"The thing I like best about my role is that there is no such thing as a typical day and when I am travelling into work in the morning I never know what the day will bring. My most exciting day at our University was when the Queen came to open SITraN. We were interviewed by TV crews, searched by anti-terrorist sniffer dogs, and all that was before the Queen even arrived!"