Joanne BatesDr Joanna Bates

Technical Team Leader Multidisciplinary Engineering Education

Thank you to Julian Dean, Senior Lecturer in Materials Science, for nominating Joanna. 

"Joanna is part of the Diamond team leading the Material Science, Bioengineering, Chemical processing engineering (MBCE) technical staff, whilst also delivering the Materials Science and Engineering practicals.

"She not only organises all the technicians and graduate teaching associates, but many of us academics too!

"Her work impacts over 2,000 students per year across the Faculty of Engineering, providing them with training and guidance on a range of undergraduate practicals along with guidance and training students in post-graduate projects. She has assisted in designing two novel health and safety practicals: one on the dangers of chemicals, and the other called the 'danger lab' providing hands-on experience in developing risk assessment training to every undergraduate of engineering.

"She has published two physics educational articles on breaking chocolate, the most recent is a teaching article on the 'danger lab' called a sweeter way of teaching health and safety (Physics Education 2016) and will present this at a teaching conference in April 2017.

"She really enjoys working with students, teaching them, allowing them to discover and the challenges which come from this."