John LowndesJohn Lowndes

Vacuum Technician in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Thank you to trainee technician Duncan Schofield for nominating John. 

"John got me interested in a whole area of engineering that I never knew existed, but vacuum engineering is in fact used in an extremely diverse range of applications, from lab work to manufacturing to nuclear waste disposal.

"Without John, many people’s research would have ground to a halt.

"John is an extremely dedicated technician and is determined to fix anything that is even remotely fixable. He has rescued vacuum pumps that were due to be scrapped and made them as good as new in only a couple of days.

"His knowledge is also broad as well as deep and he is an excellent example of a technician with an all-round appreciation of engineering. His colourful sense of humour also makes him a pleasure to be around!

"John really deserves to be included in this campaign. He 'makes things happen' on a daily basis. Colleagues like John are a vital part of our University."