Lucy N'KoyLucie N’Koy

Research Technician, Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility

"As the lead technician in the RNAi screening facility, I have a very wide ranging job.

"I work on everything from developing high throughput screening protocols and advising industrial contacts on how best to get the information required, to training PhD and postdoctoral researchers in how to use the instrumentation available at the facility. I also keep the laboratory well stocked, and administer the finances.

"I particularly enjoy the high throughput robotic work, and being involved in many different research projects across the sector. I get a lot of job satisfaction from having contributed to work that will have real impact in people's lives, by identifying drug components that will lead to cheaper, or more effective treatments.

"I qualified as a biological technical assistant in Berlin, before going on to study Biotechnology at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, and then I moved to Sheffield to take up this position."