Maria PakendorfMaria Pakendorf

Research Technician, Department of Biomedical Science

Thanks to Melanie Hannah for nominating Maria.

"Maria is a research technician in the research group of Professor Walter Marcotti, who is funded by The Wellcome Trust to conduct research into hearing loss.

"Maria is part of a large group of researchers of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who are mostly experienced in electrophysiological techniques. Maria is the only person with molecular biology experience, and this is critical to the all of the research group as the main part of her work is genotyping to confirm the knockout, and overexpressed genes, a fundamental aspect of the experimental work. Maria is training the other researchers in the technique of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and also carries out individual research projects to investigate new areas of interest and feasibility studies.

"Motivated by her own research area, Maria enjoys the supportive environment, common direction and purpose of the research group. She is recognised by all of the researchers as having a skill set that is essential and complementary to theirs and is a very valued member of the team.

"Maria came to the University after completing an MSc and MPhil at the University of Leicester. Prior to this she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Leipzig in Germany."