Melanie Hannah

Technical Manager in Biomedical Science

"I've been in my current role since 2014. Before coming to the University, I worked in a glass research laboratory, a commercial animal feed testing laboratory, and Sheffield Hallam University. I started working in the Department of Chemistry as a trainee technician in 2001.

"The technical manager role is incredibly diverse, managing a team of technicians in different disciplines, overseeing facility management and health and safety compliance. The technical manager also inputs into departmental strategy in areas such as external relations, research targets, and capital projects.

"I am involved in the Faculty of Science apprentice technician program, and I get a great deal of satisfaction from introducing new apprentices into different areas of technical work, and seeing them develop into their own areas of expertise.

“Leaving the laboratory bench has been hard, but by ensuring that all the researchers have the best possible facilities, I have an indirect impact on many areas of research. This is another rewarding aspect of the role.”