Peter WebberPeter Webber

Energy Assistant in the Estates and Facilities Management energy team

"In my role, I am responsible for managing energy performance in University buildings.

"My responsibilities include improving energy metering and aligning centrally-controlled HVAC systems with building occupancy. I help with meter reading, monitoring energy consumption and analysing data on our University’s energy management database. This helps the University to comply with obligations to report on its energy, water and carbon performance and to meet energy policy targets.

"I compile energy consumption data for display energy certificates, helping with legal compliance. I make appropriate changes to the building management systems each week, ensuring start and stop times for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are aligned with occupancy. One of the most exciting pieces of work has been identifying new energy and water saving opportunities from graphs of half hourly consumption.

"A satisfying aspect of the job is knowing I am contributing to reducing the University’s energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions."