"My job is to care for the animals used in research at the University. My day to day jobs are feeding, watering and cleaning out the animals as well as health checking, monitoring and breeding.

"It may surprise you but everyone that works in this industry is an animal lover and cares deeply about the welfare of the animals they work with. I absolutely love my job, for me it is the perfect mix of science and animal care that I could not find anywhere else.

"Recently I have been involved in a fascinating study looking at a new type of cardiac stent. If our studies are successful this could be moved into human trials and save countless lives.

"The part of the job that gives me most satisfaction is knowing that I have increased the welfare of the animals that I work with and that through the research gained from these animals, human lives could be made better.

"I always knew that I wanted to work with animals. From the age of 14 I did various volunteer jobs at farms, veterinary practices and sanctuaries. Unfortunately I didn’t make the grade for vet school so began a degree in forensic biosciences. After completing my degree I wanted to get back to working with animals.

"I worked at my local dog shelter before applying for a job as a trainee animal technician here at the University. I had no idea what this job entailed until I started but it turns out I’d been training for this job my whole life!

"My animal background and science degree have set me running down this career pathway and it has been the best thing I ever did."


Studies involving animals are only a small part of our overall programme of medical and scientific research and we only use animals where no other alternatives are available.

Animal research at the University