UK Disability History Month

UKDHM2During this week in UK Disability History Month we will be raising awareness of disability within our University. You can read the stories from some of our inspiring staff members who have disabilities, which we will release throughout the week.

Alongside this we will be sharing some of the groundbreaking research projects led by our academics, which seek to increase awareness and improve quality of life for the millions of people with disabilities across the UK.

UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) aims to create an annual platform to focus on the history of the struggle for equality and human rights of people with disabilities. Every year events are held across the UK in museums, libraries, schools and workplaces to raise the profile of disabilities, challenge stereotypes and celebrate the lives of those with a disability. This year’s theme is Disability and the Arts, a connection which is explored in one of our research projects.

Staff and Disability Network

The Staff & Disability Network aims to bring together members of the University community with a physical impairment, mental ill-health, developmental condition, or any other condition covered by disability legislation, in an informal and relaxed way. It is open to all members of staff with experience of, or an interest in, these areas.

On Monday 18 December, 12.15-1.45, the network have planned an informal gathering in the Alfred Denny Conference Room for staff to come along and meet the Chair, and other colleagues interested in disability. This is an opportunity to explore how you or someone you are close to can find the right kind of help, to catch up on recent developments of the network, and to talk about what staff might want from the network going forward.

Drinks and cake will be provided - you're welcome to bring your own lunch.
No need to book, just come along.

Find out more about the Staff and Disability Network

Staff stories

Read our staff members who have chosen to share their experience of living with a disability

Research projects

These are just some of the exciting research projects our academics are leading on to increase public awareness of disability and the impact it has on people, as well as improve the quality of life for people who have a disability.