Staff stories - living with a disability

As an employer, the University is committed to attracting, growing and engaging with talented people from diverse backgrounds at every level. As part of this commitment the University recognises the importance of inclusivity within our community, to ensure that all can flourish and reach their full potential.

The University is a Disability Confident employer, recognised by the Government's Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for our commitment to employing, retaining, training and to the career development of disabled staff.

For UK Disability History Month we asked members of our Staff & Disability Network to share their stories. Read about the members of staff who have chosen to share what it's like to have their disability in the work place and at home.

Jessica Baily - Projects & Student Partnerships Manager, Academic Programmes and Student Engagement

"The experience of living with a persistent, fluctuating health problem has really sharpened my awareness of accessibility, it's amazing how small things like filling in a form can become a barrier."

Read about Jessica's experience of living with an upper limb disorder

kate smithKate Smith, Outreach and Widening Participation Officer, Student Recruitment and Admissions

“Like most people, I have filled in countless forms that include the question ‘Do you consider yourself to have a disability’. There doesn’t tend to be a box for ‘it depends which day it is'"

Read about Kate's experience of living with rheumatoid arthritis

Dan Jary - Head of Learning and Teaching, School of Architecture

"It can be frustrating being told ‘we all get tired’ or ‘everyone’s memory gets worse as they get old’ when I know that fatigue and cognitive impairment are different to that."

Read about Dan's experience of living with MS

Dan 2

Anna 2

Anna Nibbs - Learning and Teaching Enhancement Adviser (Enterprise), Academic programmes and Student Engagement

“I’m disabled because the world isn’t built for me. Spending time with other autistics feels like putting on my cosiest, warmest, most comfortable pair of pyjamas after a day in a stiff business suit and a painful pair of high heels.”

Read about Anna's experience of living with autism