Action: supporting people to lead and manage change

Sheffield Leader Community

Community Events this year have been designed to support and inspire leaders from across the organisation to tackle the challenges we face. In addition to Sheffield Leader cohorts, you can now join Sheffield Leader Book Clubs on specific subject areas; participate in a Leadership Exchange with a leader from another department or even help design and run future community events.

For details, email:

Upcoming Community Events:

  • The Showcase Event 18 October 2017

Information on each event will be sent out via email roughly one month before each event. If you do not receive an email visit the Sheffield Leader Community pages

Sheffield Leader and MANAGE

Additional Sheffield Leader and MANAGE sessions have been developed to support senior staff in leading and managing change. Eligible staff have been contacted with details.

Leadership training

Members of the University Executive Board (UEB) are scheduled to attend an external leadership course called the Windsor programme

Professor Nigel Clarke, Vice-President & Head of Faculty for Science, has already completed the course. He said: "The Windsor Leadership Course has been a wonderful opportunity for me to engage with, and learn from, leaders from other sectors, public, private and charity. The conversations and reflections have enabled me to gain a fresh perspective on how I lead the faculty (of Science) to ensure we are well placed to address the challenges faced within higher education."