Guidance for departments

How have the results been shared?

In July 2016 we sent highlight and comparison reports to the University Executive Board, the then Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Bob Rabone (Finance), Keith Ridgway (AMRC), Professors Wyn Morgan and Richard Jones (then cross-cutting pro-vice-chancellors).

We also sent department reports to academic heads of department, Keith Ridgway (AMRC), Professional Services Directors and associated heads of department. Organisational unit reports (team level) were shared with heads of department who requested them.

What are heads and directors working on?

Recipients are considering the results and how these have changed since 2014. We have asked them to focus on how the results might be used to engage staff with areas of improvement, results to investigate and areas where change is needed. And to encourage discussion of the staff survey results linked to the direction and priorities for the department, any uncertainties, and what can be done to maintain positive staff engagement and morale.

Colleagues in Human Resources are working with departments who request support and many departments are beginning their own post-survey work.

If your department would like any help please contact your HR manager. 

How can I get involved?

If you'd like to see your department report, speak to your line manager in the first instance. 

Remember, these are your results and we all have a responsibility for change. If you have an idea for celebration or improvement speak to your manager or why not volunteer to lead a team to make some changes?

Looking for inspiration?

We've set the themes for action for University level but they could also be a helpful guide for your local survey work. It might also be useful to look at the University actions.

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Are you doing something innovative with your results?

If you've made changes in your department, done something innovative to celebrate success or implemented some novel ideas, do let us know. 

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