The impact of Thirty30

In November 2015, the Thirty30 Festival ran to celebrate 30 years of Staff Development here at the University and provided you with events and resources to further your own personal development, in fun and innovative ways.

Thirty30 had three big ideas at its core

Thirty 30 balloons

Each event revolved around these ideas to get you thinking about what you have developed, and what you can do to develop further.

The three big ideas

Development is everywhere

The aim of the festival was to highlight the breadth and depth of development available to staff throughout the year. A wide range of activities such as courses, workshops, seminars, blogs, research papers and web resources including the ‘app of the day’, to demonstrated the wide range of sources on offer.

Thirty30 facts

My development is my responsibility

Thirty30 was an opportunity for you to take responsibility for your continuing development. Over 90% of respondents to our pulse survey that we ran across November agreed that "my development was my responsibility".

From this pulse survey, and a survey we sent out to everyone who participated in Thirty30, we found there were four key areas of benefit for staff.

Being able to reconnect and meet new people

Staff reconnected with colleagues and met other staff from across the University. The benefit of this was giving you a chance to network and to talk to colleagues about their own development and to gain ideas from one another.

"There is still a lot to learn from each other and often by asking others for help we can solve our problems and gain new perspective".

Faculty of Engineering staff member

Gaining confidenceStaff were able to realise their own potential as others were interested in their ideas and opinions, and were open to trying new things.

"Would recommend this [learning event] to everyone to build confidence and share experience".

Faculty of Science staff member

The creative processStaff were surprised by how fun activities can actually contribute to their development, and that staff development is not simply about going to a training course.

"If you offer the opportunity for 'fun' activity in the workplace, team bonding and connectivity seems to go up exponentially".

Professional Services staff member

Seeking out own developmentThirty30 demonstrated the vast range of opportunities that are available for your development, and staff felt more confident to actively pursue development opportunities.

"Development is everywhere and we should grasp the opportunity when we can as there is so much to learn".

Faculty of Social Sciences staff member

Thinking is the beginning

Thirty30 was an opportunity for you to think about what you wanted to learn, and what the best approach for this was. It was a chance for you to commit to making a change.

We encouraged you across November to make pledges both online and on cards after events, for what Thirty30 had inspired you to do and where you wanted your development to go next. Here are just some of the pledges that staff have made:


What is the legacy of Thirty30?

We want to continue the work started in Thirty30 and to keep on working towards these big ideas. For each of these ideas we will aim to:

Development is everywhere - Showcase the opportunities available to you and to reinstate that development can be found anywhere and not just at face to face events.

My Development is my Responsibility - Encourage you to pursue your own opportunities for development, in fun and interesting ways.

Thinking is the Beginning - Build on the foundation of ideas for development from the festival, as well as encouraging you to use your own ideas and initiative for both your development, and for the development of others around you.

An element of Thirty30 that we are really proud of is the conversations that opened up across the University around development. We found that participants benefited from sharing their own stories of development with one another, and we want to enable this to continue. So watch this space for more Take ThirTEA and Lego lunches, or you may want to organise your own!