Our Vision for Sheffield

We're developing a new vision for the University.

We have held 32 events as part of a University-wide conversation to seek your views on a proposed new vision and strategy for our University. More than 1,000 colleagues from across the University have taken part in the sessions and given their thoughts and suggestions. We have also seen over 500 ideas submitted on Ideascale, and we have been working closely with the Students’ Union to get our students’ views on our future direction. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, including those of you who provided support by facilitating or capturing discussions.

We will now review all of the feedback, and we will be utilising the expertise of academics from across the University to help with this. Thanks to colleagues in the Department of Computer Science, we have already been able to conduct some initial analyses. In each of the sessions, we asked you what kind of university you thought we should be. In every session, without exception, the word ‘inclusive’ emerged as the most frequently given answer. It is therefore already clear that inclusivity will have to be an essential part of the developing vision for the University.

We aim to publish our new vision and strategy in May 2020. However, there will almost certainly be steps we can take before then, and I will continue to keep you updated.

I will be visiting faculties and departments again from March, to tell you what we have learnt and how we are using what you have told us.

Thank you again to everyone for taking the time to engage in this important conversation.

Koen Lamberts


Conversations about the new vision were based on the Vision Green Paper

If you would like to get in touch with any questions, please email our-vision@sheffield.ac.uk