Frequently asked questions

Why is it called a Vision Green Paper?

We are using the term Green Paper as it is a widely known term used in Government when talking about consultation documents. People will be asked for their feedback on a Green Paper and these discussions then feed into the next stage of the process – the production of a White Paper - and eventually the production of a bill and law.

When will the town hall sessions take place?

The town hall sessions are running throughout October and November. There are a range of different times and dates available in the hope that as many colleagues will be able to attend as possible. You can find the full session schedule here:

Who can join the town hall sessions?

The sessions are open to all staff. We want to hear from everyone and get a range of perspectives. We know that having contributions from a wide variety of departments and roles will generate a richer, more creative and innovative discussion. The sessions are themed to help you focus your contributions should you wish to do so, but you are free to sign up to any of the sessions.

How do I add the event I registered for to my Google calendar?

This depends on your Google Calendar settings, the default is that events from Gmail will automatically be added to your Google Calendar. Please note that the default visibility for these events is 'only me' - to change this you can either go into the calendar entry and amend this event only or update the settings for all events added from Gmail by following the steps below.

Automatically add events from Gmail:

  1. Open Calendar and go to Settings Settings.
  2. Scroll to Events from Gmail.
  3. In the Visibility of Gmail events field, choose an option: ...
  4. (Optional) To turn this feature off, uncheck the Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar box.

Will students be invited to contribute?

Yes. We are working closely with the Students’ Union on the engagement of current students. An event is being planned for the end of November and more details will be available shortly.

What can I expect at the sessions?

There are two types of sessions - longer sessions (2.5 hours) for deeper discussion around the themes highlighted in the Vision Green Paper and shorter bite-sized sessions (1 hour), which will offer an opportunity to get involved in the conversation if time is an issue.

The sessions will be facilitated by colleagues from across the University and note takers will capture the discussion and outcomes. You will work in small groups of no more than 10 people. We want to generate conversations that break down departmental barriers and allow staff from all roles to discuss and develop a shared understanding of where we are heading and generate new ideas on how to get there.

At the longer sessions you will have the chance to provide feedback on the specific theme (i.e. Research and Innovation); give your thoughts on the challenges and opportunities we face; discuss the suggested priorities and highlight any gaps; share areas of good practice and make suggestions for future consideration. There is also a longer general session where you can do all of the above but on any aspect of the Vision Green Paper.

At the shorter sessions you will have the chance to provide feedback on any aspect of the Vision Green Paper and suggest ideas on how to make it a reality.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code. Please wear your usual clothes you come to work in.

Will refreshments be provided?

Refreshments will be provided at all of the sessions. Drinks will be provided at all of the longer morning and afternoon sessions. As well as drinks, there will be a light breakfast at the early morning session (8-9am), a buffet lunch at the 1-2pm session, and a light bite at the early evening session (5.30pm-6.30pm).

Will transport be available for the sessions at the Edge and AMRC?

There will be transport provided from the main campus to the Edge and the AMRC (and back) for those that need it. If you require transport, please email Chloe Davey ( who will be able to sort the arrangements. There are also parking permits available for colleagues travelling by car to the Edge.

I can’t attend the sessions - can I still contribute?

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to join the sessions. Alongside the town hall sessions we will be using digital ideas board IdeaScale. Here you will be able to add your ideas and comment on other suggestions. Ideas generated at the town hall sessions will also be added here to allow you to contribute and join the discussion. We will also be working closely with Heads of Departments, offering guidance on how to lead discussions locally and feedback into the wider conversation.

What will happen afterwards?

There will be a note taker on each table capturing the discussion, ideas and outcomes. This will be collated together will all of the feedback received online, from conversations held locally in departments and from the feedback gathered from students.

All of the information will be reviewed and analysed by our own academic experts who will highlight any common and recurring themes. This information will be shared with the University’s Executive Board and will be used to develop our University’s new Vision and Strategic Plan.

How will I know what happened to my feedback? Unfortunately we won’t be able to get back to everyone individually, however we will keep staff regularly updated on what we heard throughout the process and how we are using that feedback. Please look out for regular updates in the weekly Staff Update and on the Staff Web Page. It is important that we develop a shared vision and this may mean that not everything can be taken forward. We will always be honest and transparent with staff about this.

If you have any other questions, please contact