Our services

From big campaigns to small-scale notices and information, the Student Communications Team can support you in getting your message out to students. Take a look at our range of services and channels below:

Filmmaking and animation

If you have an idea for a student-facing film or animation, we can help you make it a reality. Whether your project requires short video interviews, logo stings, character animation or if you want to develop a full campaign, our multi award-winning team are able to produce all aspects of your film in house.

All our films are bespoke and the content will be unique to your project. We can provide any or all of the following: concept design, scripting, storyboarding, casting, filming, editing, artworking, animation, colour grading, visual effects, motion graphics, sound design, voiceover recording, and subtitling.

We will work in close collaboration with you throughout the production process. At all stages of the film’s development, you will have the opportunity to input your ideas, suggestions and feedback. When your film is complete, we can help you promote it to students via our and/or your own social and digital media channels.

If you have a film production enquiry, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk

Design and print media

If you have a message to communicate to students, we can work with you to make it stand out. We can design a range of printed and digital materials to suit your project needs, including posters, plasma screens, brochures, flyers, social media graphics, digital designs and other print media.

We handle all parts of the design process in-house, from initial consultations to the delivery of the final product. For printed materials, we can also liaise with print services on your behalf to secure estimates on price and to manage the printing process. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the design process to ensure that the final product meets your requirements.

If you have a design request, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk

Social media

Our social media channels are a great way to share news, events and key information with students. Specifically aimed at current students, our accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram contain a mixture of practical and more lighthearted content designed to support students from the time they arrive in Sheffield until they graduate. We also help coordinate the content for the University of Sheffield Snapchat account, and run a dedicated Intro Week Twitter account every year from A-Level Results Day until the second week of term.

If you have a message you’d like included on our social media channels, or if you’d like any advice on social media and measuring its impact, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk


If you need any copy producing for print or web, or if you have some existing copy that you would like adapting to a more student-friendly tone, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk

Student news

The Student News Page is the first webpage students see when they log into MUSE and contains all the key information they need to know at any point during the academic year.

If you have a message or story you would like to included on the Student News Page, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk

Weekly Round-Up and other student emails

We are responsible for the moderation of the student side of the myAnnounce email system, and for compiling the Weekly Round-Up email newsletter. The Weekly Round-Up is sent out to students every Tuesday during term-time, and contains a run-down of key messages, dates and events that students need to know about over the coming week

If you are planning to submit an email to myAnnounce, please read our Student Announce Policy for information on what we can and cannot send out to students. If you would like to include an event or item in the Weekly Round-Up, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk


We work with a freelance photographer who can capture events or provide you with stock photography through organised shoots.

If you have any photography enquiries, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk

Student blogs

We manage a team of roughly 40 student bloggers that span all faculties and year groups across the University. The blog itself (‘We Are Sheffield Students’) is a diverse online space where our bloggers can share their individual student experiences; past blog subjects have included exam advice, mental health, University events, things to do in Sheffield, student sport, activities and volunteering, and tips for new students. Due to the advisory nature of many of these posts, the blog has become a valuable peer-to-peer communications resource for both current and prospective students.

If you have an event or issue that you think could benefit from being covered by our student bloggers, or if you have an idea for a guest blog post, please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk

iSheffield We are responsible for the maintenance of the student side of the iSheffield app, this includes content and iconography. If you would like to include some fresh content in the app, or are considering developing an app yourself please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk for advice and guidance.

Electronic (Plasma) Screens

We are responsible for the content on the Electronic Screens on the Concourse. These display messaging 24/7 throughout the year. If you would like to get your messaging on these screens please read our Electronic Screen Policy for information on what is and is not acceptable, then email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk.