Electronic Screen Policy

The following details the policy for advertising on the Plasma Screens administrated by the Student Communications Team.  These include those on the Concourse, the Diamond Plasma Wall, and in View Deli.  The screens are operated on behalf of the University by the Student Communications Team. All queries about the policy should be directed to the Student Communications Team within the University (studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk).

All advertising on the electronic screens is subject to approval by the Student Communications Team. All advertisers are expected to abide by this policy at all times. The moderators reserve the right to approve or refuse any advertising requests.

General Conditions

The Electronic Screens are used to support business messaging from the University (and the Students' Union). The service cannot be used for:

  • Commercial advertising
  • Personal ads, including most messages for charities
  • Messages on behalf of students e.g. student society messaging
  • Political messages
  • Messages from, or apparently from, outside the University.
  • Student job advertisements for paid work (these should be referred to the Student Jobshop)

Core messaging

Core messaging refers to messages that are key to University and Students' Union activities. These are messages students need to receive in order to complete their degree.

Some examples of 'core messaging' include (but aren't limited to):

  • Messages about registration, exams, choosing modules, etc.
  • Information from the University Library
  • Officer elections

Secondary messaging

Secondary messaging refers to messages that could help improve the student experience at the University and within the Students' Union.

Some examples of 'secondary messaging' include (but aren't limited to):

  • Varsity
  • Union club nights
  • Visiting lecturers
  • Careers events

Moderation of advertisements

If you should have a complaint then please send it to studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk.  Complaints will be escalated within the University if not easily resolved.

General operations

For the Concourse screens:  

Slides should be portrait and sized to 2160 (W) x 3840 (H) pixels.

For the Diamond wall and View Deli screen:

Slides should be landscape and sized to  3840 (W) x 2160 (H) pixels.

Wherever possible content should be animated rather than static imagery.


To submit artwork for the screen please email studentcommunications@sheffield.ac.uk.