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Festival of Arts and Humaities

A new festival exploring and celebrating what it means to be human. Join us for a month of imagination, creativity and critical thinking.

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Get Ralph Home: Part 2

Be on your guard against phishing scams

Make sure you know how to recognise fake emails that claim to be from Student Finance.

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General Election

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Students, including many international students, can vote in the General Election. To do this, you must be register to vote by 20 April.

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Train to teach at Sheffield

Find out about perusing your teaching career with the School of Education at their forum on Wednesday 22 April.

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Opportunities for students

Help shape the future of your university

Join staff, students and the VC at our Strategic Plan workshop on 6 May.

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Strategic Plan

Financial Support at the University of Sheffield

Volunteering Opportunities

Take part in a range of interesting surveys and research projects from around the University.