Transforming our public spaces

Last updated: 16.09.2016Campus Masterplan

The University has begun work on the first phase of its Campus Masterplan.

In this phase, which will continue throughout 2016, we will be transforming our public spaces. We will be providing improved road crossings, pedestrianised streets and new cycle routes, alongside greener areas integrated with public art.

There is likely to be some disruption while this work continues, though we will try to keep this to a minimum. To help you find the best way around campus you can use the Check My Route map, sign up for regular updates or follow progress on twitter so you’ll always be prepared.

Current works 

Over the summer, we’ve been continuing to work hard to transform the public spaces around our city campus to make it safer, greener and pleasanter for all our students and staff.

The work isn’t completely finished yet as we are doing such a lot of work it has not been possible to deliver all of the planned changes over the summer period. We are nearly there and expect the first phase to be finalised by the beginning of November.

Over the last few months, new paving has been laid on Portobello and the majority of Leavygreave Road, which has been pedestrianised to improve safety and connectivity around the campus. Buses which used to turn left onto Leavygreave Road, in front of Jessop West, have been redirected to make this area a traffic-free zone during the day.

Currently we’re installing a new pedestrian supercrossing on Western Bank to make it easier get between Hounsfield Road (Hicks Building) and the Arts Tower. This will improve safety and reduce the time it takes you to get around campus. We’re also making improvements to two crossings outside the Information Commons (IC) on Upper Hanover Street, which will include designated cycle lanes.

The public spaces around city campus will soon be completed with new lighting, planters and seating. There’s also some great public art which has been installed between Jessop West and the Diamond building, creating a green and peaceful place to spend time.

As we approach the final stages of the project, there will continue to be some disruption but we hope that you will bear with us and that you enjoy the public spaces that we are creating for the benefit not just of staff and students, but for everyone in the city. Please bear with us while we get everything finished.

If you have any questions about what’s happening on the campus, Please email us on

Changes to bus routes

From Monday 13 June, the routes for the 95, 51 and 52 buses will change as part of a project to transform the public spaces around the University of Sheffield campus.

The 95 bus will no longer turn right on the Brook Hill roundabout and will go straight onto Broad Lane. It will turn right onto Mappin Street, where there will be two new bus stops at the top and bottom of Mappin Street.

The 51 and 52 buses will use the new right turn onto Clarkson Street via Western Bank, turning left onto Durham Road where there will be a new bus stop. It will then pass onto Glossop Road and through West Street.

For the latest information on the project you can sign up for our weekly email updates. You can also email if you have any questions.

To transform our public spaces, the University has joined forces with Sheffield City Council. The project will be funded with around £2.9 million from the Sheffield City Region Investment Fund and a further £5 million of the University’s own money. The project aims to make the campus more welcoming for students and the people of Sheffield while creating a better, safer and greener environment for all.

To find out more about the Campus Masterplan you can visit the website.