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Lecture IconWill the road to 2030 be evidence-paved?

Thursday 19 October, 4-5.15pm, The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 7

Successful delivery of the UN's Global Goals by 2030 will require action at every level of government, business and civil society. The research community has a crucial role to play in providing evidence, expertise and data to underpin, inform, measure and monitor the implementation of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But processes of translation from evidence into policy are far from straightforward. In many countries, evidence and expertise is sought with growing urgency across a proliferating array of policy questions. At the same time, in an era of 'post-truth' politics, its legitimacy has rarely been so contested. In this special lecture, Sir Peter Gluckman will draw on his near-decade's experience as Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and role as Chair of the International Network for Government Science Advice, to outline how science, research and evidence can be most effectively harnessed to advance the Global Goals.

More information: please register for you place via Eventbrite.


Lecture IconThe costs of inequality: escalating inequality, racism & nationalism in the UK

Thursday 9 November, 6-7pm (refreshments from 5.30), The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 7

For the first annual John Westergaard Lecture, we will be joined by Professor Mike Savage from the London School of Economics for the following lecture: The costs of inequality: escalating inequality, racism and nationalism in the UK. Mike Savage will reflect on how trends towards intensified inequality in the UK have led into increasing political volatility and the rise of populism. Drawing on research he has undertaken from the National Child Development Study on the dynamics of racist views, he will show how class, race and gender divisions intersect in new and powerful ways in the current context. The declining centrality of the divide between middle and working class, and the growing polarisation of economic inequality between elite and precariat, creates new insecurities which drive political alignments. Mike will argue against the view that the 'white working class' are part of a racist populist backlash against immigration, and will show how the economic elite's espousal of 'imperial nationalism' plays a large role in driving xenophobic politics.

More information: The lecture will be chaired by Alan Walker, Professor of Social Policy and Social Gerontology in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield. Please register for you place online.

Debate IconSheffield Supporting Women in Medicine Event

Thursday 9 November, 6.45-8.30pm, Medical School Lecture Theatre 1 (drinks and refreshments from 5.30pm in Cafe 1828)

You are warmly invited to the next Sheffield Women in Healthcare and Medicine event, 'Keep Calm and Champion Gender Equality'. We aim to showcase local innovation and research into the impact of Gender in career progression, will be hearing from:

  • Shami Chakrabarti, Shadow Attorney General: a Labour Party politician and Member of the House of Lords, barrister, former director of Liberty, will discuss 'Gender Injustice in the 21stCentury'. Shami' has a new book, Of Women, making the case for "radical positive action in every sphere of life to promote the vindication of the rights of women worldwide".
  • Kirstie Stott, Managing Director Equilibrium: Kirstie will be presenting the findings of the largest survey on flexible working to date in the NHS.
  • Mohammed Bilal Leadership Fellow, Athena SWAN NHS, Health Education England: Mohammed will present the work of the Athena SWAN NHS being piloted across three Sheffield Teaching Hospital Directorates, exploring how working practices, gender and workplace culture impact on career progression for NHS Staff.

The event will be hosted by Sue Burgin, Development Advisor, NHS Improvement who will highlight the importance of Gender Equality and how this links with Culture Change and a more compassionate workplace.

More information: This event is open to all. Please register for your free place online.