Important Information about Meningitis

The autumn season is the time of year when cases of meningitis are more common and new students are at higher risk.

We want you to have the best level of information about and protection against this life changing illness.

If you are a new student this year, please make sure you have had your meningitis vaccine before coming to University. If you haven't had a vaccine before coming to university, or you aren't sure, then call 0114 22 22 100 to book an appointment with a nurse. The vaccine is free.

If you are under 25 years old and have never had a meningitis vaccine, you should check with the University Health Service or your GP to check whether you need to have one.

We encourage all university students to make themselves aware of the symptoms and signs of meningitis so that they can seek urgent medical attention when it is needed. Information about meningitis is available on the ShefUniHealth app, the University Health Service website and at