The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

If you are studying as an Undergraduate student, you will receive an official Higher Education Achievement Report as your official university transcript, free of charge.

The HEAR gives you a detailed electronic record of your curricular and extra-curricular achievements at Sheffield, from day one through to graduation. HEARs are updated three times a year following each examination period (see full details of the schedule on the HEAR website).

You can use your HEAR as evidence of the knowledge and experience you gain at Sheffield. The HEAR is a nationally standardised document, so employers and other universities know about it too.

Your official HEAR will be issued to you via a secure online system called ShARe (Sheffield Authorised Records).

  • Visit the ShARe website to find out how to log in and use the system

You can also view what's in your HEAR so far via a live preview on MUSE:

  • Click on My services -> View all services -> HEAR

This is useful for showing to your tutor or a Careers adviser, when reflecting on your personal development and planning your next steps.

One of your next steps might be to plan to get recognition for an extra-curricular activity, to help you gain new experience or further evidence your strengths in a particular area. The University of Sheffield currently verifies over 200 extra-curricular activities. You can find out about these here, including what you need to do to qualify for HEAR recognition:

HEAR Activities Database

More questions?

Visit the HEAR FAQs page.