How will we live together?

For Level 2 students only 

10 billion logoIn your lifetime, the global population will reach 10 billion people. What is this world going to look like? How will it feel? What kind of world would you like it to be?

We want you to tell us and in doing so, co-design Level 2 of Achieve More, which is going to be a pilot project next semester. This is your opportunity to participate in our unique interdisciplinary programme:

  • Meet students and academics from departments and faculties across the University
  • Have your say on key global issues and hear what others from different disciplines think. Can we come to a new understanding?
  • Get something really valuable on your CV and your HEAR.

To register please visit the 10 billion website.

What will I be doing?

  • Get priority access to the 10 billion Festival events in February 2016.
  • Take part in the Bronze level (12-15 hours online and face-to-face, Feb 15th - March 4th). Share ideas with people from across the University, discover more about different approaches to global issues, explore project management, critical thinking; go beyond your own discipline.
  • You can choose to go on to the Silver level and design a project idea in small interdisciplinary teams. Silver is a place where theory and practice meet. We’d like you to take a risk, be creative. Propose an idea for a film, an app, a website, a device, or work for a community group. Suggest a solution, solve a problem.
  • Gold level means delivering the project you’ve designed at Silver. We’ll help you make contact with potential media and existing initiatives, commercial, industrial, cultural and/or community partners to achieve this. Gold projects will be showcased at the Achieve More Festival in 2016-2017.

You might be the best educated, most highly connected generation in history, but one also faced with significant environmental, economic and social change. Some of the questions that might be posed include, how will we feed, clothe, and house the 10 billion? How do we mediate conflicts over scarce resources and find new resources to meet our needs? What challenges will the changing demographics of 10 billion create for how we care for each other? Will technology and innovation exacerbate or improve the situation? What are our obligations to those seeking a better life or fleeing conflict, poverty, and climate change? We are all involved.

Spaces on the pilot project are limited, so please register as soon as possible.

To register and find out more, visit the 10 billion website

For more about Achieve More, visit the Achieve More website