There's still time to get involved with 10bn

10 billion logoWhat will health care need to be? How will we deal with antimicrobial resistance? How might technology shape our cognitive development and communication with each other? How will climate change affect the way we live? How do we preserve what is good from the past and still move forward?

What matters to you, when you think of a world of 10 billion people?

Tell us - take part in the 10bn pilot project from February 15th! Register now on the 10bn website

Achieve More Level 2 is the University of Sheffield’s ambitious interdisciplinary programme. Students from all five faculties will work together to generate critical perspectives on 10bn, creating the new 10bn magazine and helping to develop the curriculum for Level 2 next year. You can also choose to go on to the Silver and Gold stages and develop your own project which relates to the 10bn theme.

What will I get from doing it?

You will meet new people as you work with outside experts, academics from across the university and students from other subjects. 10bn offers you ideal opportunities to gain new knowledge, build critical skills and develop new approaches to your discipline, while furnishing you with real experience to enhance your CV.

This awareness should deepen your understanding of your own discipline and how it connects and works with others. From being able to demonstrate your lateral thinking skills, to team building and working ethics, you will have something concrete with which to demonstrate your competency and skill set to future employers. 

Your participation in 10bn will be included on you HEAR. You can be awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold to indicate your level of engagement and skills.

You will be learning more about critical thinking, interdisciplinarity and feedback online, in your own time.

Your submission (either by yourself or part of a group) to the 10bn interdisciplinary magazine will be reviewed by experts and activists from industry and external organisations. See the "About" section on the website for more information about the rich opportunities 10bn offers.

Festival of 10bn: 15-19 February 

Achieve More Level 2 starts with the Festival of 10bn, and the whole University is invited (please see the Events page of the 10bn website for a calendar and further details). 

The festival launches with an interactive, world-cafe style event hosted by Professor Paul White entitled, 'Who are the 10bn? Data, Demographics, Dilemmas'.

The week continues with a series of panel debates with international experts on 10bn themes that explore our relationships with technology; how we share our planet with other species and how we might share space with each other.

Other highlights include a 10bn hub the Library will be running from the Diamond, and a free meal made from food redirected from landfill, hosted by The Sheffield Real Junk Food Project, Food Hall and Save our Sandwiches - see food reclamation in action! With over 35 immersive activities, lectures and though-provoking discussions, there's plenty of opportunity for comment and engagement.

Please see the 10bn website for more information about the different stages and what you will be doing.