Get a head start with your exam revision and exam technique with 301

301 LogoGet a head start for your exams with 301’s Exam Revision Planning and Exam Technique workshops.

We have a number of workshops coming up over the next two weeks which will help you to enhance your exam revision planning and practice, sharpen your exam technique for essay based exams, and another workshop that shares techniques for short answer and multiple-choice questions.

In these workshops we will introduce a wide range of tools and techniques for you to consider and give you opportunity to discuss these with other students, share best practice and come up with your own action plan:

Exam Revision Planning – Coming up with an effective revision strategy that works for you is key to making sure you can retain and recall important information in exams. This workshop explores a number of different revision techniques and how you can use them to make sure you're prepared. By the end of the session you should be able to reflect on your own current revision style, learn about the different ways you can retain information and devise a personalised action plan to improve in the future.

Exam Technique (Essays) – This workshops explores what examiners look for and how to approach an essay-based exam; from effective revision strategies, to structuring and writing your answer.

Exam Technique (Short Answer and Multiple Choice) -. This workshop explores approaches to short answer or MCQ-based exams, from effective revision strategies to getting it right on the day.

Places are filling up fast, so don’t miss out on these opportunities and book your place now.

For more information visit the 301 website.