Our Alumni share their Sheffield memories

Alumni MemoriesOur time at University not only helps shape our future but also forms some of the most memorable years of our lives – whether they’re shared with house mates, course mates, club mates or otherwise.

Just over a year ago our Alumni Relations team sent out a request for photographs, stories and other memorabilia from our alumni’s University days which were used to produce a special ‘Memories’ publication for graduates of between 1965 and 1984.

The memories we received provide a glimpse into an interesting period in the University’s history, with the rapid expansion of the campus and halls of residence.

The period also saw a fantastic range and quality of bands promoted by the Students’ Union and the activities of students during the Rag Parade and Boat Race would create panic in the Health and Safety Executive if repeated today!

To accompany the publication the team picked three of our favourite stories and produced a series of videos, with each story being read by a current student.

Check out the first video below – a short anecdote about a student being asked to leave a lecture for rather unusual behaviour – and tweet @sheffieldalumni if you have any great memories from your time at Sheffield so far that you’d like to share... We’re sure you do!

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Stolen Bear Mascot 

Law School Football 

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Rag Parades, Halls & David Bowie: Experiences of University life 1965-84.