The Big Decision

The Big Decision LogoThe Big Decision is your chance to have a say over how the Students' Union is run and make sure that it works for you and students in your department or representative group. It's a fantastic opportunity for you to enage with your SU and to help make the lives of students better in Sheffield and nationwide.

You can get involved in three different ways:

1. Join the Students' Union Council: Represent your department or representative group on Sheffield Students' Union Council, a committee which comes together to make decisions about how the SU is run, makes sure the 8 SU Officers are working to your benefit and decides what the SU should be campaigning about.

2. Become an NUS Delegate: Represent Sheffield SU and/or your representative group at national conferences organised each year by the NUS. These conferences set the priorities for the student movement for three years and as a delegate you can meet other likeminded people while having a real impact on the lives of other people.

3. Campaign in our referenda (all student vote) debates: When you log on to vote in The Big Decision you'll also be asked about three choices; whether the SU should sell bottled still water, whether working committees should be allowed to charge a membership fee, and what roles should make up the SU Officer team. Check out the details online and get in touch with if you want to campaign on these issues.

All students are eligible to get involved, and taking part in any of these activities can help you build the kind of skills employers look for: team work, negotiation, project management and public speaking. Contact with any questions or visit the Big Decision website to find out more.