Free online courses from the Careers Service to help you land your dream job 

Careers MOOCDid you know that graduates apply for an average of 12 jobs before they are successful in getting their first role? (Time Higher Education, March 2014). Did you also know that one of the main reasons candidates are rejected at interview is because they haven’t found out anything about the organisation they are applying to?

Many applications are rejected at the early stages because the applicant doesn’t explain why they want to do the job, or they don’t tell the recruiter about their skills but don’t provide evidence of how they have acquired them. Sometimes it's because the application lacks focus (everything is included despite much of it not being relevant to the job) or because there are a significant number of basic errors in spelling and grammar.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd and be successful? Well, you could sign up for the free online short courses from the Careers Service: How to Succeed at: Writing Applications (starting 22nd June) and How to Succeed at: Interviews (starting 20th July).

You’ll be in great company, as learners on our previous courses joined us from all over the world to support each other by sharing their knowledge and expertise. These also included large numbers of our students and graduates, looking to develop their employability skills.

‘The content itself was incredibly helpful in preparing me to apply for graduate jobs, research the roles and prepare for interviews if my application is successful. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone thinking of applying for graduate jobs in the near future’. - Lauren, Law

‘The MOOC courses were a fantastic way to improve your employability prospects. They teach you how create a good first impression with a potential employer. An important skill, as failure to do so will seriously hamper your probability of success in most if not all job applications. - Luke, Biomedical Science

Both short courses are easy to use and you can complete them in your own time. They’re highly interactive and make use of videos, articles, discussions and quizzes to help you learn about the subject. We will also encourage you to collect a portfolio of your work that you can use in future.

How to Succeed at: Writing Applications

Starting 22nd June; up to 2 hours per week for 3 weeks

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How to Succeed at: Interviews

Starting 20th July; up to 2 hours per week for 3 weeks

Visit the Future Learn website to find out more