Congratulations to the winner of the 2018 Chancellor's Medal

The winner of the Chancellor’s Medal 2018 is James Weinberg from the Department of Politics.

This is being awarded to James in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Faculty of Social Sciences, to the University of Sheffield, and the wider community, as an advocate for citizenship education and civic participation. All of which has been undertaken during his successful doctoral research.

James has been the Lead Fellow for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Democratic Participation since January 2017, becoming one of the key ‘go to’ people in terms of evidence-based advice on a range of issues regarding youth political engagement and citizenship education. James has also helped produce new professional support and teaching aids for school teachers and exam boards, as well as providing policy-focused research with over sixty English schools. He has been influential as Chair of the Political Studies Association’s Early Career Network, where he helped transform the network in terms of its focus, and oversaw a rise in membership to an all-time high.

In the last 2 years he has built a reputation as a key ambassador for political literacy and widening participation strategies (centred on citizenship education) for young people, giving presentations at numerous events, including one at the World Forum of Democracy.

James has emerged as a positive and influential ambassador for the University of Sheffield in governmental, higher education, and parliamentary circles and has excelled in relation to his commitment to ‘the civic university’, equality and diversity. For these achievements, James is a worthy winner of the Chancellor’s Medal.