Chancellor's Medal 2014 winner announced

Bryony CM winnerThe winner of the Chancellor's Medal 2014 is Bryony Kate Frances Page from the Department of Animal & Plant Sciences.

The Medal is being awarded to Bryony in recognition of her outstanding achievements with regards to her University experience and academic success whilst forging an incredibly successful career in the field of international trampolining.

Bryony has made an outstanding contribution to her sport balancing a very busy training schedule with an excellent focus on her academic studies. Closer to home, her contribution to Club Sport at the University has been enormous where she has supported and coached students to become better at their chosen sport.

Having missed the opportunity to complete in the 2012 London Olympics in the second year of her degree due to injuries and illness, her commitment enabled her to return to win the World Cup Individual Gold medal in Bulgaria later that year. She went on to retain her English Champion title, winning the 2013 British Championships. In November of 2013, at the start of the final year of her studies, she went to Denmark with the Great British team for the World Cup where she won her second World Cup Gold medal, beating the past two Olympic Champions and the current world Champion.

She provides an inspiration for other Sheffield undergraduates as well as young sporting hopefuls around the country. Despite her rigorous schedule she has also found time to maintain an excellent blog in order to keep her followers informed about her trampolining adventures.

Bryony will receive the Chancellor's Medal at a ceremony in 2015.

Photography credit: Simon Wright