An introduction to the Diamond's new study study spaces: silent and private study spaces

Over the past few years, we've been busy designing, building, and furnishing your brand new learning and teaching centre, the Diamond.

As you might already be aware, the building will function in key three ways. It will provide labs and tutorial rooms for the engineering department, incorporate lecture theatres that all departments in the university will be able book and use, and as an extension of the Information Commons. The Diamond will be equipped with over 900 new study spaces for students, as well as an ever expanding rich digital collection and a core print reference collection. Given that the IC currently already contains around 1150 study spaces, the Diamond is set to nearly double the available space.

To ensure these new study spaces are just the way students want and need them, we conducted research into student opinions. Around 2500 students communicated with us via various channels. All of the results gathered have been instrumental when it came to making our final decisions about how the Diamond's new study spaces will be set up and furnished.

From the thousands of students who have given feedback, possibly the most popular suggestion for the new study spaces in the Diamond has been ‘plenty of silent individual study spaces please!’ The good news is, we very much agree!

A total of 250 silent study spaces will be located in the big pods on Level 3 and spread across the whole of Level 4. Different designs giving a variety of privacy and screening options to suit different needs will be provided.

There are irregular-shaped bench study desks that will be configured with various attachments such as whiteboards and shelves. The large surfaces give each student plenty of room to spread out all their learning materials. They will also be arranged in such a way to avoid having to sit directly opposite someone else, which brings further privacy and a better study experience.

If you are looking for more protection from outside distractions, there will also be furniture designed to minimize external threats to your concentration. The high-sided arm chairs with small working surfaces are perfect for individual reflective study, such as reading and note-taking, or doing online research. The bench mounted study huts with task lights installed inside block out interruptions and will help increase your focus when studying.

The most private study spaces would the "haven pits" that are designed to provide a distraction-free, individual study environment. They can also can be arranged into irregular shapes for an interesting outlook.

Most of the furniture mentioned above is still accessible on Level 4 of the IC on the Level 4, so drop in any time to try it out for yourself.

Diamond Furnishings