Introducing study spaces in the Diamond: non-silent, group study and creative media spaces

Diamond 1In December, we introduced you to the new silent and individual study spaces you'll be able to access in the Diamond once it's completed in Autumn 2015. This month, we're going to tell you a little more about the non-silent and group spaces that will be available to you, as well as our new creative media facilities. 

Whilst some students prefer studying in complete silence, others need some level of background noise to better focus. Therefore, the Diamond will also provide non-silent spaces that can be used for both individual and collaborative study. These 330 spaces are located on Moonscape (Level1), in the pods on Level 4 and the rooftops of all pods. In addition, there are also 320 dedicated group working spaces.

A variety of both aesthetic and practical furniture are planned for the non-silent areas. The ‘cyclone’ desks have link bridges to tie a number of pods into one big working surface, which encourages users to share the space, and also physically creates more working surfaces for busy periods. In this way the area is suitable for both individual and collaborative group study.

Diamond 4For those who appreciate the flexibility of the Flexi Space on Level 4 of the IC, you’ll be glad to see that there will be a a similar (if not better) space in the Diamond on the 4th floor of the giant study pods. These kite shaped tables on wheels can be connected into countless shapes to suit different group size and study purposes.

In addition, there will also be a number of these irregular shaped units on the pod roofs. The unique shape not only creates a more personal environment, because it allows to the students using them to never be directly opposite one another. That being said, it also allows two to three students to comfortably work together on the same table. This desk can also be configured with various attachments such as whiteboards and shelves to suit different study purposes.

As for dedicated group study spaces, there will be 16 group rooms accommodating between six to twenty people. Many more informal meeting and collaboration spaces ranging from soft furniture to study booths are also provided.

Did you know that CiCS has a number of bookable multimedia resources available to students? We are expanding these amazing services to the Diamond as well.

Diamond 2As in the IC, there will be dedicated spaces for editing and producing digital media. There will also be eight brand new media editing booths equipped with the appropriate software and tutorials, each fitting two people. 29 high-end media editing suits are located in two separate rooms, with 19 in the larger room and 10 in the small one. There will also be a professional recording studio that fits at least five users, which students can use for productions and assignments.

The Diamond is due for completion for June 2015. At that time, all of these exciting additions to the university will be fully accessible for all students.