The University is expanding its Encore lecture recording capacity

This academic year, the University of Sheffield is expanding their lecture capture facility, called Encore.

Students have told us that being able to go back to recordings of their lectures is useful for revisiting particularly difficult points that they may have missed or misunderstood, for writing more details notes following a lecture and revision.

The University's policy is that all classes in rooms of more than 40 people will be recorded, unless there is a specific reason for not doing so, such as if the lecture contains sensitive materials or is not appropriate for recording (e.g. small group interactive sessions, or classes where the whiteboard/ chalkboard is used extensively).

These recordings are not a replacement for attending lectures or other classes, and it is important to remember that attendance at live lectures is a critical part of your course and is the best way to engage with the content, the lecturer and other students.

Your department will inform you which lectures and classes are not being recorded. Those that are recorded can be accessed via your MOLE module pages - just look for the Encore link.

For more information see Encore webpages.