Changes to exam regulations

ExamsThere have been two key changes made to the exam rules and regulations that will come into effect for the January exam period:

Entering the exam venue

The time you enter the exam venue will now be at the discretion of the Chief Invigilator. Previously, you were only able to enter the exam venue five minutes before the exam was due to start, which presented some access difficulties for venues where a large number of exams were taking place at once. If you are taking an exam in a large venue such as the Octagon, this change will allow you more time to enter the venue and find your seat.

Leaving the exam hall once your exam is completed

You will no longer be able to leave directly once your exam is completed - you must wait in your seat until your exam answer paper has been collected by an invigilator. If you finish your exam before the full time has elapsed and wish to leave early, you must raise your hand and wait for an invigilator to come and collect your paper. If you remain in your exam for the full duration, you must remain seated after the exam has finished until your paper has been collected, after which you will be permitted to leave.

For full information on exam rules and regulations, please visit the Exam Regulations webpages.