Some important financial information for new students

Piggy BankIf you’re a new student with us, have a read of these useful messages from our Financial Support Team, including information about student loans, bursaries and how they can help you whilst you’re at University.

Student Finance

If you applied for your funding by the deadline (30th May for Student Finance England), you can expect to receive your student loan 2-3 days after completing you registration with us.


If you’re applied for student finance, you will be assessed automatically for a bursary. We’ll contact you by the end of the October to let you know if you’re eligible for an award, but in the meantime you can check your eligibility using our Student Funding Calculator. This also applies if you’re interested in the City Scholars or the National Scholarship Programme.

Keep Your Money Safe

Around this time of year, students often become the targets of email phishing scams. These emails will claim to be from the Student Loans Company and are designed to trick you into having over important details that give the fraudsters access to your money. It’s important that you know how to recognise these fake emails – check out our webpage on phishing scams so that you can learn how to spot the signs.

Financial Support

If you’re considering using high cost lenders (“payday lenders”) or credit cards to help with the upfront costs of coming to university, please come and speak to the Financial Support Team first. There’s loads of financial support available to you right here in the university and the Finance Team will be able to talk you through these, working an option that is best for you. Find out more on the Financial Support Team website.