How to access and use your Interim HEAR

Hear LogoIf you commenced your studies after September 2012, you will have recently been issued with the latest update of your Interim HEAR.

If you are in your second year or above, this is your second Interim HEAR, following the version we issued to you in September 2014. If you are in your first year, this is the first Interim HEAR that the university has issued to you.

The Interim HEAR is an official ‘snapshot’ of your university achievements so far, which has been issued to you in PDF format via our secure online system called ShARe (‘Sheffield Authorised Records’). The ShARe system allows you to:

- Share your Interim HEAR with others of your choice (e.g. Employers)
- Download/print a copy of your official HEAR
- Access your HEAR online at any time

Your Interim HEAR will be updated at the following times until you graduate, when you will receive a final Exit HEAR (which you will still be able to see and share with others after graduation):

- End of March/before Easter Vacation
- Graduation Week in July
- The week prior to Intro Week in September

Your Interim HEAR is updated at these regular intervals to include any new exam results and extra-curricular achievements.

Remember that you can continue to see what’s in your HEAR via MUSE (My Services -> View All Services -> HEAR). Use this Internal preview HEAR to review your progress (with your personal tutor or a Careers Service Advisor) and plan what you want to do next.

Give Us Your Feedback!

We want to hear about your experience of accessing and using your Interim HEAR via ShARe. Please use this form to give us your feedback . We’d especially like to hear from you if you have shared your HEAR to support applications for jobs, internships or further study


1. How do I access ShARe?

You can log in to ShARe by clicking on the ShARe Login button in your Internal HEAR in MUSE, or via the How can I access it? page on the student HEAR website. For other important log-in information, see the 'How can I access it?' page.

2. How do I find out my HUSID and my Registration Number?

You can find your HUSID and your Registration Number in Section 1 of your Internal HEAR in MUSE.

3. Can I access ShARe after I have left the University?

Yes, unlike MUSE, you will be able to continue to access ShARe after you have left the University.

4. When my HEAR is updated in ShARe, do I need to share it again with employers?

Yes, when you are given a new Interim HEAR or a final Exit HEAR in ShARe, this will replace the previous version. If you have shared the previous version with others, you will need to re-share the new version, so that the people you have shared it with have access to the latest information.

For more information about using ShARe, visit the ShARe webpages. More information about the HEAR in general can be found on the HEAR webpages.

If you have any questions about your Interim HEAR, please email

If you have questions about the ShARe system, please email