Find out about how to access and use your first Interim HEAR

Hear LogoIf you started undergraduate study at Sheffield in/after September 2012, the you will receive a Higher Education Achievement Report or ‘HEAR’ from the University. Your HEAR is a comprehensive report of your university achievements, giving you an official record of all your extra-curricular acivities and acomplishments.

Up until now, you’ve been able to see what’s in your HEAR via MUSE. This version of your HEAR is useful because it allows you to review your progress and plan what you are going to achieve yet. However, it cannot be accessed by anyone outside the university and therefore cannot be shared with prospective employers, postgraduate admissions tutors, etc.

We are now pleased to announce that if you are in Year 2 or above, you have now been issued with your first Interim HEAR (if you are in Year 1 you will receive your first Interim HEAR after your first set of Autumn examination results, before the Easter vacation). The Interim HEAR is different to the version of your HEAR accessible through MUSE because you are able to share it with people outside of the University. It is an official ‘snapshot’ of your university achievements so far and has been issued to you in PDF format via a new secure online system called ShARe (‘Sheffield Authorised Records’).

The ShARe system allows you to:

  • Share your Interim HEAR with others of your choice, e.g. Employers, Postgraduate Admissions Tutors, Recruitment Agencies, as you begin to apply for internships, jobs or further study.
  • Download/print a copy of your official HEAR.
  • Access your HEAR online at any time.

Your Interim HEAR will be updated at the following times until you graduate, when you will receive a final Exit HEAR:

  • End of March/before Easter Vacation, to verify new Autumn examination results and extra-curricular achievements.
  • Graduation Week (July), to verify new Spring examination results and extra-curricular achievements.
  • Orientation Week in September, to verify new Re-sit examination results and extra-curricular achievements.

How do I access ShARe?

You can log in to ShARe by clicking on the ShARe Login button in your Internal HEAR in MUSE, or via the How can I access it? page on the student HEAR website.

You will need to log in to ShARe with the following details:

  • User ID – your HUSID (HESA Unique Student ID) Number
  • Password – your University Registration Number

IPORTANT: when you first log in you must:

  • Change your password to something more personal than your Registration Number.
  • Change your email to an email you will continue to use after you have left the University.

How do I find out my HUSID and my Registration Number?

You can find your HUSID and your Registration Number in Section 1 of your Internal HEAR in MUSE.

Can I access ShARe after I have left the University?

Yes, unlike MUSE, you will be able to continue to access ShARe after you have left the University.

When my HEAR is updated in ShARe, do I need to share it again with employers?

Yes, when you are given a new Interim HEAR or a final Exit HEAR in ShARe, this will replace the previous version. If you have shared the previous version with others, you will need to re-share the new version, so that the people you have shared it with have access to the latest information.

For more information about using ShARe, visit the ShARe website. For more information about the HEAR in general, visit the HEAR website.

If you have any questions about your Interim HEAR, please email If you have questions about the ShARe system, please email