Social Distancing: looking after your wellbeing

Your wellbeing is the number one priority. We’ve worked with wellbeing experts at the University to gather their recommendations to help you look after yourself.

Little things like getting showered each day, trying some relaxation techniques and breaking your day up with exercise can make a big difference during this period of social distancing. 

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Social distance doesn’t mean emotional distance. Take some time to call family and friends. Video call if you can.

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Watch enough news to inform you, but not enough to worry you. Schedule some time each day to read or watch, and stick to it. 

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Remember the things you enjoy, that you can do in this situation, and find a way to do them. Immerse yourself in a creative hobby that you hadn't had time for before. 

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Eat with others in your house if possible, and take this time to indulge in some new recipes which you wouldn't have time for usually. 

More support

All our student support services are available and are operating online or via telephone. You can access these resources below.

Student support

We are also continuing to update our Coronavirus FAQs with the very latest information.

Coronavirus student FAQs